About me

IMG_9699Born and brought up in Beijing, I became one of some 9000 mainland students who came to Hong Kong for a further study in fall, 2012. My name is Song Keyi (Karen), and I am now studying International Journalism at Hong Kong Baptist University.

Living and studying in Hong Kong with a mainland background allows me to closely observe the city from an outsider’s perspective.

I talked to Filipino domestic workers and listened to stories that they left their own children at home to spend time taking care of others’ children only to give their children better education; I interviewed an environmental group leader and saw how they protest against government’s policies which they think will damage the creatures and environment.

And constantly I would make comparisons of some similar issues of both Hong Kong and cities of China Mainland to see how they differ because of the different systems. When the picture of a boy being abused by his teacher in a kindergarten of Zhejiang Province began to spread on the Internet, I noticed that most of the kindergarten teachers in Hong Kong are professional and well trained, and every morning they will pick up the children on the road who arrived by school buses and hold their hands all the way to the classrooms.

China is now undertaking great changes, which attracts more and more attention from foreign media and the outside world. Though it sees rapid economic developments in recent few decades, there’re still conflicts and problems very possibly due to the imperfect social system. Therefore, as journalists, our job is to reveal and shed light on the reality. That’s also where my initiative of being a journalist comes from.

I hope the experience of being in Hong Kong will encourage me to have deeper thoughts and reflections from different perspectives. And I know there are still a lot for me to explore.

If you want to exchange your ideas and opinions with me, please feel free to write to: songmy-karen@hotmail.com