Chinese blogger arrested for twitter joke about China’s 18th Party Congress

by Karen SONG Keyi

  1. Zhai Xiaobing’s Nov. 5 tweet said  “#SpoilerTweet #Enter-at-your-own-peril ‘Final Destination 6’ has arrived. In which the Great Hall of the People collapses all of a sudden. All 2,000 people meeting there died except for 7 of them. But afterwards, the seven die one after another in bizarre ways. Is it a game of God, or the wrath of Death? How will 18, the mysterious number, unlock the gate of Hell? Premieres globally on November the 8th to bring you an earthshaking experience!”(translated by Yaxue Cao)
  2. Stariver
    #剧透推 #慎入 死神来了6即将上映。大会堂突然倒塌,正在开会的2000多人只有7人幸免,事后却又一一离奇死亡。是上帝的游戏,还是死神的怒火,神秘数字18怎样开启地狱之门?11月8日全球院线震撼登场!
  3. His friend Liu Yanping confirmed on her twitter that Zhai was taken away by the police at 11 a.m., Nov. 6 when he was home alone and detained at 2 a.m., Nov.7.
  4. duyanpili
    RT @iamhudi:  我昨晚与星河妻子通电。6号上午11时许星河独自在家被特警抓走带至派出所,7号凌晨2点被刑拘。目前关押在密云县看守所。 @ArielttDF:@wenyunchao正在寫關於此事的報導,請問你們有沒有哪位致電過北京公安局?
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  9. A petition drafted by Wen Yunchao, Hong Kong, media professional on November 17. demanding the release of Zhai Xiaobing
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  11. Some of Zhai’s tweets translated in English by Yaxue Cao, a Chinese blogger